Chip Tuning

Leaders in Italy over 20 years of experience


Company Leader in Italy in the design, construction and sale of chip tuning for all the commonrail turbo diesel and turbo petrol engines. Our additional control unit ensures a significantly higher power increase compared to the common additional modules. Proracing, a Milan-based company specialized in the production of electronic systems to increase performance and optimize consumption, has a sales office located in Via Confalonieri 50 Sesto San Giovanni -Milano. All tests for the development of the control units are performed internally in the laboratory. After completing the tests, Privi Auto uses Italian companies for the production of the circuits, which subsequently plans and tests before shipping.

More power, more driving fun, less fuel consumption with ProRacing

Our company is specialized in the design and construction of additional modules add-on modules applied in the automotive tuning sector with over 20 years experience in optimizing engine performance with over 160000 satisfied customers, has long offered the best to increase the performance in the automotive field.

Increased power up to + 40%

The Proracing tuning chips work in synergy with the vehicle's ECU, modifying the original mapping in real time, significantly improving the engine's endothermal performance, increasing its performance by up to 40%, completely eliminating the delivery hole at low revs where engines suffer from poor elasticity.

  • Increase of acceleration 0-100km / h
  • Maximum speed increase.
  • Quicker and safer overtaking.
  • More power in the climbs.
  • More fluid and elastic engine at all speed regimes.

proracing test

Reduce fuel with ECO-FUEL 2018

We read the data of the engine control device in real time and in a digital way and optimize a whole series of features. They include, for example, the injection time, the injected quantity, the injection pressure, the supply pressure and the air mass in this way we reduce consumption up to 1.9 liters per 100km traveled.

  • Optimize combustion.
  • Maximum endothermic yield.
  • No black smoke at the drain.
  • Turbine preserved over time.
  • Better fuel atomization.

Easy installation, complete with wiring and connectors specific to your engine.

Unlike tuning by reprogramming the motherboard, the original ECU is not overwritten.

In this way, after the disassembly of the Proracing you will not leave any trace of the previous installation, so you can bring the car back to its original state at any time.