Installation of an additional module ProRacing

The installation of a module ProRacing is a very simple operation! No matter which of our three types of modules you choose. It usually takes only 10 to 15 minutes, without tools and without mechanical knowledge.

The additional unit is supplied with photos specific engine for which it was ordered.

Assembly instructions and photos

The unit will be provided with any specific instructions needed for a quick and easy installation.

However, our technical staff will be happy to help you in case of difficulty.

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Before mounting the module ProRacing

For mounting ProRacing there should be residual current in circulation. First, turn off the engine. Open the bonnet. Then close the vehicle. At this point, wait 5 to 10 minutes. Then start the installation:

Installation in 5 steps

1st Step

Remove the engine cover. additional unit


2nd Step

Locate the connector through the help of the installation manual. In the kit you will receive, you will find a manual with detailed text and images for your car.

centralina aggiuntiva proracing montaggio 2

3rd Step

Disconnect the connector identified from home.

centralina aggiuntiva proracing montaggio 3

Step 4

Connect the connector straight out that the additional unit ProRacing

centralina aggiuntiva proracing montaggio 4

Step 5

Connect the connector of the remaining additional unit and have fun!

centralina aggiuntiva proracing montaggio 5