centralina aggiuntiva come funziona

Today's engines are operated by a single control unit ECU mother that detects the various information through the various sensors in the motor to control the charge air pressure, temperature, turbine management, timing, advance, exhaust gas and many others. All this information is sent to the ECU to allow proper operation.

How does an additional unit ProRacing

E 'can be processed by reprogramming the engine control unit ECU mother via serial interface OBD, with a computer and a chassis dynamometer, this erases all original data in memory with the various error codes that serve to warn the driver in case of failure of any problems or malfunctions present.

Or interfacing sensors responsible for additional unit ProRacing that will change in a digital way the various information recasting them and sending them to the control unit so optimized ECU mother.

Why choose ProRacing

This way you will not lose control unit memory rewriting mother, losing the error codes that are used to protect the engine in time, as opposed to installing ProRacing will maintain the original mapping with all active protection systems for absolute reliability of engine as the original but with all the benefits of a remapping with the peculiarity that can be removed at any time by returning to the original state without leaving any trace.


Installation of an additional module ProRacing

The installation of a module ProRacing is a very simple operation! No matter which of our three types of modules you choose. It usually takes only 10 to 15 minutes, without tools and without mechanical knowledge.

The additional unit is supplied with photos specific engine for which it was ordered.


Regulation of ProRacing

All our units are finely programmed specifically for the type of car you ordered so they can be installed as well as comes in the package without the need for intervention. However if you wanted to take action to further increase the level of performance and customizing it to your liking you can do so by following the instructions included with the package through simpli manual by acting on the two switches S1 and S2 inside the additional unit ProRacing.

Regolazione proracing

Rotary switch S1:

Regulation of power at low engine speeds.

S2 Rotary switch:

Power regulation at high RPM.